Best Way to Practice Golf at Home

There are many ways that people practice golf, however practicing golf at home can be an entirely different struggle than practicing out on the course.  Although it is possible to practice at home, it is always better to practice out on a course in order to have a better feel of the greens and the grass out on the golf course.  That being said sometimes it’s impossible for us to be able to go to the course on certain days and times yet we have a little bit of extra time to practice some of our skills.  That’s where these practice techniques that I am about to teach you will come into play!



Putting is one of the most important skill that golfers can always improve on. It may not be the most exciting thing to practice but it certainly is one of the best ways to improve your score in a short period of time.  Just decreasing your putting average from 2 putts per hole to 1.5 putts per hole can staggeringly improve your performance on the golf course.  How can we practice putting when we aren’t on the golf course?  Well the simplest way to practice putting at home is to use a cup as the hole and practice putting into it from different locations around the house.  This may seem like a bit of a workaround as you can’t a putt into a cup if your are on the wrong side of it, but it’s not supposed to be an entirely perfect solution to practicing putting in the house.  It’s just a good way to putt anytime anywhere really all you need is your putter, a ball and a cup and your set! There are plastic rings out on the market that act as better holes than a cup would but using a cup is honestly the simplest route that I believe anyone could take.



Chipping is the second most important skill in golf.  Being able to chip something close to the hole and not having to worry about sinking a dangerous 7-8 foot putt is always nice.  Practicing both putting and chipping at home at least once a day will guarantee improvement your scoring average by at least a small amount.  How can we practice chipping while at home? Simple, if you have a long hallway (with carpet, don’t want to ruin any hard wood floors or anything like that) then you can practice chipping by trying to get the ball as close to the end of the hall as possible without touching the wall itself.  This is a great way to practice distance control for your chipping if you have consistent trouble with it.  If you do not have carpet in your house then I would suggest going to the backyard where you have some grass and practice out there instead.  In fact, if you have a backyard you should preferably be trying to practice in the grass as much as possible.