Best Winter Golf Shoes: Our Top Picks for 2016

The worst thing about playing golf in winter is getting water in your golf shoes. It not only cause discomfort but might even lead to accidental falls. To play it safe and to play in comfort, we suggest you pick a good pair of winter golf boots. Below is our pick of the top winter golf shoes. Enjoy the selection!


Buying guide

Before getting into the actual models, here is a guide to let you know what to look for in a good pair of winter boots or shoes

  • Waterproof: The most important criteria is that the shoes must keep your feet dry or it defeats the purpose of having a winter golf shoe
  • Sold grip: On some grounds, it can be more slippery during Winter so your shoes must provide the necessary traction to keep you well balanced during the swings
  • Comfortable: Nuff Said
  • Weight: A light weighted shoe tends to be more comfortable and exerts less stress on your feet. If a shoe is heavy, wearing it for 3-4 hours can be result in a pair of sore feet.


Winter golf shoes review

Here is where you will reviews on what we think are the best winter golf shoes or sneakers.


Oregon Mudders Men’s Waterproof Golf Shoes

Oregon Mudders Men's CM300 golf winter shoesFor a great pair of waterproof golf shoes that can be used in the water, you can go wrong with Oregon Mudder CM300. It is extremely comfortable and can be used right out of the box, with little need to ‘break into it’.  It is also a great choice if you are looking for golf shoes for wide feet. The interior is very generous and wouldn’t cramp up your foot like other narrow golf shoes will do.

We played golf in them during the past winter and the shoe held up remarkably well. Our feet didn’t get wet and we can feel the solid traction provided by the spikes. Now that we are into summer, the shoe is still going strong so it is built for durability and the 4 seasons.

Protip: Tighten the spikes immediately if you do not want to lose them in your first game. They will come un-tighten right out of the box so you have to do the work.

The only downside is the design. We are the first to admit that the Oregon Mudders CM300 is not the most elegant or the most fashionable. However, it gets the job done well and that is what is really important for us. 5 stars!



Skechers Performance Men Waterproof Shoe Review

Skechers Performance Men's Go Golf Pro Golf ShoeThe Skechers Pro Golf Shoe is one of the most comfortable shoe that can be used in Winter. The comfort comes from its generous padding that covers everything from the sole to the sides and even the tongue.  With this amount of padding, I expect the shoes to be bulky and heavy. To our surprise, it is a pretty light weight shoe. It is not the lightest golf shoe in the world but it is not the worst either.

The sole also boosted a solid grip. We did not get to test this shoe during the last Winter so we can’t comment on how non slippery it is. From the reviews we have read, they can pretty solid in terms of traction so we are confident it can be a good pair of winter golf shoes.

Protip of cleaning a white pair of golf shoes: I know this shoe looks best in white so many will be attempted to buy this color. To maintain its white look, make sure to apply a generous coat of shoe wax on them before a game. After the game, simply wipe any dirt off them. Due to the leather used, it is quite easy to do so for this model.


Crocs Men’s AllCast Duck Golf Shoe review

Crocs is well known for its waterproof technology and this Allcast Duck model is no exception.crocs Men's AllCast Duck Golf Shoe

Its biggest selling point is being able to keep your feet completely dry and that is something it did accomplished. In addition, they are pretty comfortable as well and needs no ‘break in period like the Oregon Mudder  CM300 and the Skechers Pro Golf models.

On the design front, they look bulky like all Crocs shoes although this is great news for folks with wide feet. They also feel heavier than the 2 models mentioned above.  In addition, they are warmer than most other golf shoes. While this is a plus point in Winter, it means you might feel hot in them during the summer season.

Finally, one thing to note is that these shoes are not true sizing as they run small. Remember to order one size bigger if you are buying it.



To have a good game of golf in Winter, having a pair of good shoes is a must. The 3 models presented above are what we think are the best Winter golf shoes for the money.