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Try these best golf nets for garage to practice at home

Golfs are about practice if you want to be better. Besides knowing all the golf drills that a beginner should know, practice is needed but it can be troublesome to travel to the golf course. The next best alternative is to practice golf at home and this is where golf nets come in handy. Most […]

What Are The Best Putters for Beginners

Getting the right putter is not an easy thing. There are so many factors to consider, which can often be overlooked. Below is a guide on what to look out for as well as some of the models that I think are great choices for a beginner.   Golf Putter Buying Guide There are a […]

Best Winter Golf Shoes: Our Top Picks for 2016

The worst thing about playing golf in winter is getting water in your golf shoes. It not only cause discomfort but might even lead to accidental falls. To play it safe and to play in comfort, we suggest you pick a good pair of winter golf boots. Below is our pick of the top winter […]

Zero Drop Golf Shoes: Pros and Cons

Zero drop shoes are a new phenomenon within the golf world that preaches a less is more on the zero drop shoes.  It is kind of an extension to the minimalist footwear that runners have been using for sometime now, I’m sure that many people have seen those weirdos that are running around with shoes […]