Golfing Tips

Best Golf Drills for Beginners

Starting out in golf is challenging, and it is during this beginner stage that most people give up entirely on the sport, as they expected to be immediately able to play the game properly. It takes time to improve, but using the drills below, you won’t be frustrated for long, and you will soon reach […]

How to Stop Hitting the Ground Before the Ball

The first thing that I’d like to hit off on is that in golf hitting the ground before you hit the ball is known as “chunking” it.  This is bad for several reasons but the main one is this; you lose speed before hitting the ball.  Now fixing this problem takes several steps as chunking […]

Top golf swings of all time – check the video out

Her is cool video showing how magical golf can be if you hit the perfect swing. I have never produce such a shot before but one can always dream. If you have other examples of great golf swings, please feel free to share them in the comments section 🙂

Best Way to Practice Golf at Home

There are many ways that people practice golf, however practicing golf at home can be an entirely different struggle than practicing out on the course.  Although it is possible to practice at home, it is always better to practice out on a course in order to have a better feel of the greens and the […]