How to Stop Hitting the Ground Before the Ball

The first thing that I’d like to hit off on is that in golf hitting the ground before you hit the ball is known as “chunking” it.  This is bad for several reasons but the main one is this; you lose speed before hitting the ball.  Now fixing this problem takes several steps as chunking the ball could have several different causes depending on different players and different situations. I’m going to first go over the situational issues that can cause some one to chunk the ball and how this can be prevented as I believe changing how you hit the ball should be the last resort for any player.


Situational Problems

Now there are a few situational problems that players can have when they are out on the course.  One of these situations could be that your ball is lying on a downhill slope.  These situations can cause a player to chunk the ball because the point at which you need to hit the ball has changed from it’s normal center point at the bottom of your swing.  The best way to handle this situation is to place the ball further back in your stance. In other words if you are right handed position your feet so that your right foot is closer to the ball than your left foot or if you are left handed position the ball so that it is closer to your left foot. However please remember to maintain the same distance from the ball as you normally would if it was not on a downhill slope.

Another situation that can cause a player to frequently chunk the ball is if the ball is above the player’s feet.  Once again the main reason that this causes a player to chunk the ball is that the ball’s position has changed from the normal position that it is in.  In order to strike the ball in this situation the best thing for a player to do is to not fight the hill.  What that means is that the player should position their body so that it is perpendicular to the slope of the hill.  In other words if you are having to bend your ankles or back in order to hit the ball, stop doing that.


Swing Problems

If a situational problem is not the cause of chunking the ball and instead a player is chunking the ball on flat surfaces then the player is having an issue with their swing.  Some of the issues could be that the player is mistiming their wrists when they strike the ball, mistiming the alignment of their hips/knees/shoulders or they could be doing a simple little mistake such as looking up before hitting the ball.  In any case the best tip that I can give anyone for finding their individual issue is to film themselves hitting the ball.  This will provide an inordinate amount of information so that you can see how you are hitting the ball and pinpoint exactly why a player is chunking the ball.