What Are The Best Putters for Beginners

Getting the right putter is not an easy thing. There are so many factors to consider, which can often be overlooked. Below is a guide on what to look out for as well as some of the models that I think are great choices for a beginner.


Golf Putter Buying Guide

There are a couple of things to look out for which I will list below. One however, is the most important and that is finding a putter that fits into your current swing style. Your swing affects everything and most folks would have developed some of kind of style that dictates their play. In this case, you should buy a putter that fits well into this style so that your swing is still pretty natural even for putting.

In general, if your swing is the straight through style, a face balance putter will be more suitable. If your style is more like Tiger Wood’s open square and closed, then you should think a toe weighted putter.  This is because this kind of style will tend to result in the putter moving in an small arc, rather than a straight line. As such, having a toe balanced putter helps to balance that out and gives you a better chance of landing the shot.

Other things to look out for

  • Length: I would encourage you to get a putter with a longer shaft so that it still fits comfortably when you are standing straight, which you should be. Current golf swing theories are saying it is easier to sink a hole when you are standing straight and have a better view of the distance and such.
  • Weight: A lot of the choice here depends on your personal preference. However, just note that for greens where the balls are moving slower, you might need heavier putter or the ball might fall short.

Regardless of the factor, remember to try out the actual putter before purchase. If you are buying online, buy from one such as Amazon where you can try and return easily with no questions asked.


Best Odyssey Putter for Beginners

Odyssey Two Ball Putter reviewThe Odyssey Two Ball Putter has been a favourite among beginners ever since it was released and it’s easy to see why.

The first thing to mention is the look of the putter.  To many people it looks rather large and cumbersome and certainly lacks the sleek look of many of the other putters available on the market.  However, Odyssey are a company who do not prioritise the style of their designs but tend to put this element in second place, to the science of the putter.  That being said, the Odyssey Two Ball does not ugly and if the two ball design of the club is what is capturing your attention when you look at it, that’s a good thing because this what the designer wants.

The two white discs which are present on the putter are there to help when lining up putts and make them more accurate.  They are there to imitate actual golf balls and this becomes evident when placing a golf ball on one of them, as they are the same size.

As you would expect from a putter of this size, there is a bit of weight to it and it can feel a bit clumsy in the hands.  For those who have been using a more standard putter, the weight and feel of the Odyssey Two Ball Putter, may take a little time to get used to.  However, the extra weight off the back of the face is there for a reason and that is to stop the putter from twisting during the shot.  If, when using the Odyssey Two Ball Putter, you feel the weight of the club working to keep it straight, this is because you have been twisting your previous putter through the stroke.

The two ball design is there to help when lining up putts and it certainly does the job.  This, coupled with the forgiveness offered by the weight, which squares the club through impact, makes for a putter ideally suited to beginners.  The roll of the ball off the Odyssey Two Ball Putter is also fantastic and you will struggle to find a putter which rolls the ball better.

Alignment and keeping the putter face square upon impact, are two of the most important aspects of any putt and two of the main things beginners struggle with.  The Odyssey Two Ball Putter helps to eliminate both of these problems.


Nike Core 01 Putter review

Nike Core 01 Putter reviewFirst released in November 2012, the Nike Golf Men’s Method Core 01 Weighted Putter, is still as popular today as it was upon release date and it’s easy to see why.  The aesthetics of the putter are extremely pleasing, with a nice brushed finish and simple, clean alignment lines, which are in white.  The larger head of the Nike Method Core 01 Weighted Putter, in addition to the wide sole, help to instil confidence into the putting of beginners, when other putters, with a smaller head, do not.

This style of putter is known as a ‘blade putter’ and looking at the base of the putter, it becomes apparent there is more to it than may first appear.  There are two fixed weights on the heel and sole of the putter, which help to provide a good weight balance, to the length of the club.  This lowers the centre of gravity in the putter and keeps the centre of gravity away from the face, promoting a balanced swing.

Plenty of beginners, when putting, often end up putting backspin on the ball or send it skidding across the surface, instead of rolling it across the green.  The Nike Method Core 01 Weighted Putter, helps to prevent these two things from happening, by keeping the face of the putter below the centre gravity of the ball.  By doing this, the putter is less likely to come down on the ball, which is what creates the backspin that no golfer wants to see on their ball.

However, as a beginner, it’s important to remember there are other factors which also have an impact on the roll of the ball, such as playing conditions and the individual putting technique being used.  So, if you are a player who finds trouble in getting a good roll on the ball when putting, the Nike Method Core 01 Weighted Putter will help but may not be the complete cure.

That being said, even when making a clunky hit, the golf ball tends to roll true, travelling the distance and the direction you have aimed for.  For a blade putter, the head may be a little on the large side for some players but this is a minor criticism and for beginners, should not be noticeable.

The Nike Method Core 01 Weighted Putter, feels very nice in the hands and great when coming into contact with the ball.  Alignment is straight forward and It consistently produces a smooth roll, which is the perfect package for the beginner.


Pinemeadows PGX Putter review

Pinemeadows Golf Men’s PGX Putter reviewThe Pinemeadows Golf Men’s PGX Putter has often been referred to as being one of the best putters on the market for beginner golfers but what is it about the putter, that has made it so popular?

To the casual observer, who may know the top golf brands, such as Nike, Ping and Callaway, the name ‘Pinemeadows’ may come as a surprise.  However, those whole follow the golf industry closely, will know the PGX Putter is a top quality golf club.  The first thing to note about the Pinemeadows Golf Men’s PGX Putter, is the steel shaft, which is not as common on new putters as it once was.

However, the head of the putter is something which really makes it stand out from the crowd.  The mallet putter head adds extra weight to the head of the club, which for the beginner golfer, is great as it prevents the putter twisting during the swing and allows for more controlled putting, especially from longer distance.

The bright white colour of the putter head may not be to everyone’s taste but when the Pinemeadows Golf Men’s PGX Putter was first released, a lot of golf club manufacturers were using this colour and it shouldn’t put you off from using it.  In fact, there is a good reason why white was used and it’s because it reduces bright, shining spots from the sun, reflecting in your face when making a putt.  Furthermore, the colour makes for a good contrast with the green and this will especially help when lining up the putt, as the leading edge and topline stand out against the colour of the grass.  The black lines on the top of the putter head also stand out more on the white background, as opposed to the white lines on a dark background and again, this helps with alignment, which is perfect for the beginner.

The heavier weight of the putter, coupled with the colour system used, make for a straighter back and forward swing, as it takes a much more pronounced deviation to pull or push the putter off line.

Of course, the colour of the putter and the noticeable weight may not be for everyone.  You may find the black alignment lines of a white putter head off putting, especially if you have been using black or grey head putters up until this point.  However, for a beginner, who may not have used any other putter consistently before, the Pinemeadows Golf Men’s PGX Putter is definitely worth a try.



Improving your putting eventually still boils down to practice. However, using the right putter goes a long way in helping you achieving the results that you want. Hopefully, these reviews of what we think are the best putters for beginners will be useful to you.